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If you're looking for a complete life transformation over the next 3 weeks then you’re in the right place! Whether you need to lose the last 5-10 lbs or you want to get rid of 40lbs or more, this will work for you. This diet is extremely flexible so even though this program is 21 days you can continue using it for as along as you want to lose as much weight as you want and I explain exactly how.

Dramatic weight loss is only one of the numerous benefits you’ll get from this diet. How would you like more energy, clearer skin, better sleep, sharper thinking, stabilized blood sugar, and more? You are only 21 days away...

  • You're getting the FULL 21-DAY WEIGHT LOSS AND HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM I regularly use with my private coaching clients.


  • SHOPPING LISTS FOR EACH WEEK To Make It Super Simple To Get Everything You Need

  • SMOOTHIE MAKING TIPS & PREP GUIDE To Make Sure there is ZERO trial and error and to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your new confidence and energy levels!

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Smoothie Diet

Healthy Food - Keto Diet Plans

 28-Day Keto Challenge

28-Day Meal Plan and 10 expert guides to educate and inspire you...

  • 1Keto Diet Basics

To get started, you’ll learn the basics of the keto diet, how it was developed, how it works, 13 tips for success, foods to enjoy, and more.

  • 2Eating Well On Keto

In this guide, you’ll get 10 breakfast recipes, 14 lunch recipes, and 14 dinner recipes, plus a companion 28-Day Meal Plan calendar.

  • 3Staying In Ketosis

You'll learn how to get into ketosis in as little as 3 days, how to know of you're in ketosis, and much more.

  • 4Mastering Macros

Learn how to calculate your macronutrients and maintain the proper ratios to stay in ketosis!

  • 5Beating Keto Flu

What the “Keto flu” is and how to make it go away quickly if you experience any symptoms.

  • 6Intermittent Fasting

Learn about 5 different styles of Intermittent Fasting to kickstart ketosis and accelerate fat loss.

  • 7Social Situations

Discover healthy ways of dealing with social pressures. Includes tips for eating out and guidelines for drinking alcohol. This is what makes weight loss sustainable!

  • 8Guilt-Free Desserts

This cookbook contains 36 mouth-watering “fat bomb” recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you in ketosis.

  • 9Yummy Avocado Recipes

Discover 5 unique keto-friendly ways to prepare avocados. Yum!

  • 10Keto Supplements Guide

Learn about 12 of the best Keto supplements that will help you transition to ketosis and make the Ketogenic diet more effective.

Healthy Recipes Weight Loss 

Healthy Food - Keto Diet Plans

Custom Keto Diet

Would You Like to Know Exactly What to Eat to Lose Fat and Get Healthy Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods or Starving Yourself?

There Are Seven Reasons Why the Keto Diet Is the Holy Grail for Fat Loss

Reason #1

Significantly increases fat burning

As mentioned earlier, insulin is the enemy of fat loss. Elevated levels of this hormone blunt fat burning, all while shuttling energy in your bloodstream into your fat cells.

On a keto diet, however, insulin levels drop, which not only benefits your health but also significantly boosts fat burning.

Reason #2

It’s simple and easy to follow

The keto diet is very simple to follow, and you’ll enjoy yourself as you diet. After all, what’s not to love about losing fat while being able to eat tasty, high-fat foods like bacon, eggs, cheese, and steak?

Reason #3

Hunger cravings will fade

I'll tell you a secret. You'll never lose fat and keep it off on any diet that leaves you hungry. Hunger is an irresistible force. Sooner or later, hunger always defeats willpower.

That’s why nearly all diets fail. Eventually, you can’t take the cravings anymore, and you’ll regain all that lost weight by binging. On top of that, you’ll likely gain some extra weight to boot.

The keto diet, however, brings hunger to a dead-end stop. When you go keto, you won’t feel hungry. That's why this eating style is superior for losing fat and keeping it off.

In others words, you’ll not only look fantastic in the “after” photo but also in the “after the after” photo.


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Keto Diet

Healthy Food - Keto Diet Plans

“Daily Keto Meals™ Makes Keto Easy, Fun And Fast”

Just Imagine…

Forget boring eggs for breakfast. You’ll love my pumpkin waffles, broccoli and cheese muffins, blueberry muffins, steak and eggs, sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches, pancakes and much more.

Lunches will make your mouth water with creamy pesto shrimp with zoodles, salmon burgers, cobb salad with cilantro-lemon dressing, feta meatloaf and green salad, taco salad with beef and other tasty, simple to prepare dishes.

Dinners will be filling, delicious, and nutritious. Choose from spaghetti squash with meat sauce, pan seared scallops with mac and cheese on the side, herbed butter salmon, creamy Italian garlic chicken and more.

► Yes you can eat these delicious foods and lose weight!
► Yes you can forget about counting calories or fats, proteins or carbs!
► Yes you can succeed at all your weight loss goals!
► Yes you can say goodbye to boring food – FOREVER!

That’s why I’ve created something special and unique.

Introducing Daily Keto Meals™

Here’s what our members receive…

  • 6 full months of Keto Cookbooks that each contain 30-days of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks.

  • 6 full months of Weekly Meal Plans so you always know exactly what to eat on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and every day of the week.

  • 6 full months of Shopping Lists so you ALWAYS know what to buy (and not buy) at the grocery store.

Each meal in our delicious Keto cookbooks contain the following information…

  • Nutritional facts

  • Serving size

  • Quantity of calories

  • Quantity of carbs

  • Alternatives to popular ingredients

Members are also happy to learn that with this Keto Diet System…

  • Meal plans are based on a 1,300 calorie per day diet with 20 net grams (or less) of carbs. These ratios are proven to force the body into Ketosis quickly!

  • Faster results are possible by simply following the “Intermittent Fasting” instructions provided on Page #1 of each Meal Plan!

  • The recipes in our cookbooks are designed to accomplish three things. (1) Reduce body weight. (2.) Taste absolutely delicious. (3) Create a feeling of fullness so dieters have…

No Hunger Pangs!

You should also know that with our Keto diet system...

  • There's NO need to count macros.

  • There is NO need to count calories.

  • There is NO need to count carbs.

All that's done for you, it's built into the system.

Keto Diet Plans

Healthy Food - Keto Diet Plans

30 Day Ultra Fast Keto Diet


The 30 Day Ultra Fast Keto Challenge is a well designed PLAN that gives you clear directions and take you to the right path in your first month.

The more clear information you have,
The less likely you are to make mistakes.


Our goal is to provide you a simple and easy approach to Ketogenic Lifestyle that’s based off perfect PLAN with step by step GUIDES that you need to get started and that will get you FAST Result in 30 Days.

30 Day Ultra-Fast Keto Meal Plan enables you to drop SIZES & INCHES within the first month. With the help of this PLAN you will surely succeed, you will be UNSTOPPABLE.

3 Expert Keto Guides

To Stay On Ketosis

 Keto Diet & Tips

Basic keto guide and tips for success, what to eat and avoid & more…

 Keto Flu & Macros

Easy way to calculate your macronutrients. How to make it go away from keto flu & other symptoms.

 Ketosis Guide & Intermittent Fasting

You’ll learn how to get into ketosis fastly. How it works, symptoms & treatments and much more.

3 Convenient Keto Meal Plan

Forcing Your Body to Burn Fat.

Accelerated Meal Plan

30 Day Accelerated Meal Plan that target fats to burn & boosts energy levels and enables you to drop sizes and inches, and start feeling great!

Busy Budget Meal Plan

Meals that Keep your wallet heavy and make you lighter and healthier and will save your time.

Customized Meal Plan

Customize your cravings in shape of healthier Meals that let you jump into keto.

What Included :

  • Save time & Money

  • Customize your cravings

  • Weekly Shopping Lists

  • Weekly Overview of All Meals

  • More Balanced & More Productive

  • Buy only what you need for your meals

  • Calculated Macros of every meals (no need to track!)​

  • Delecious & Easy Recipes with Simple Ingredients

Diet Meal Plan

Healthy Food - Keto Diet Plans

Dr. Jockers - Navigating The Ketogenic Diet


KETOSIS: The Key To Human Health & Longevity

If You’ve Thought About Trying Keto… Or If You’ve Tried Keto and FAILED… 

And You Want To Learn How To Navigate The Ketogenic Diet Properly So You Can Quickly And Easily…

✔️ Experience Razor-Sharp Focus & Mental Clarity...

✔️ Defend and CURE Your Body of Chronic Illness...

✔️ Improve Your Quality of Sleep...

✔️ Achieve Rapid and Sustainable Weight Loss...

✔️ Look and Feel Younger...


Here’s What You'll Find 

Inside The Program...


✔️ 5 Ways To Measure Your Ketones

✔️ How To Follow a Ketogenic Diet

✔️ 6 Ways Keto Improves Brain Function

✔️ 10 Critical Keto Tips

✔️ How To Go Keto Without a Gallbladder

✔️ 12 Keto-Boosting Herbs & Supplements

✔️ 5 Reasons To Use MCT Oil for Keto

✔️ How to Prevent Keto Flu

✔️ And More...



The Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan.

✔️ Intermittent Fasting: What It Is And Why You Should Do It

✔️ The Cyclic Ketogenic Approach

✔️ My Proprietary 30 Day “Keto Kickstart” Meal Plan

✔️ Helpful Tips For Saving Time & Money and ✔️ Maximizing Success On The Ketogenic Diet

✔️ And More...


✔️ 80+ DELICIOUS Keto Recipes

✔️ Super Smoothies

✔️ Anti-Oxidant Drinks & Juices

✔️ Snacks & Side Dishes

✔️ Main Entree’s 

✔️ Sugar-Free Keto Desserts

✔️ And More...

Eating Healthy

Healthy Food - Keto Diet Plans

Original Speed Keto 



  • Speed Keto is the 30-day plan you need to get your body into ketosis (and keep it there)

  • You’ll get the recipes, the shopping lists, AND the step-by-step meal plan to follow.

  • There is no guesswork involved. Nothing for you to figure out.

  • It’s plain and simple.

  • Just follow the plan and you WILL succeed with keto.

  • I’ll make sure you reach your goals!

The Speed Keto Quick Start Guide

If you’re new to keto, you’re going to LOVE this. It's a short beginner-friendly guide that gets you up to speed. You’ll learn how things work, how to get blazing-fast results, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls that make others fail.


The Speed Keto Complete Guidebook

This is the heart of the program. A step-by-step guide that reveals the cutting-edge body transformation plan that has helped more than 25,000 people reach their goals.


The Speed Keto Shopping List

These done-for-you weekly shopping lists are a real time saver. No more reading labels or figuring out what to buy. Just print the lists or download them to your mobile phone before heading out. You’ll know exactly which affordable and delicious foods to buy for each day of the week.


Speed Keto Calendar

A simple 30-day calendar that you can print out and put on your fridge. This practical calendar takes out all the guesswork. And it makes everything easier by showing exactly what you need to eat every single day.


You’ll also receive:

Speed Keto 2-week Meal Plan Recipes

My goal is to make things as easy as possible for you. So I’ve hand-picked a selection of tasty, easy-to-prepare recipes. Just happily follow along and (in a matter of minutes), you’ll have at your table healthy and delicious meals to enjoy every day of the week.


Speed Keto 2-week Shopping List

These done-for-you weekly shopping lists are a real time saver. No more reading labels or figuring out what to buy. Just print the lists or download them to your mobile phone before you go grocery shopping and you’ll know precisely which foods to get.


Speed Keto 2-week Meal Plan

Once you’ve gone through a round of Speed Keto, you’ll want the rapid fat-burning process to keep going steadily. This easy-to-follow meal plan makes the transition a breeze – and makes sure you’ll continue seeing the results you want.


Speed Keto lets you:

  • Flip “ON” your body’s natural fat-burning switch

  • Melt away unwanted pounds at record-breaking speed

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and with crystal-clear mental focus

  • Have long-lasting energy and stamina to do more of what you love

  • Normalize your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure

  • Notice remarkable improvements in your overall health and wellbeing

  • Best of all... Live a happier and healthier keto life.

Healthy Recipes

Healthy Food - Keto Diet Plans

The Keto Diet Cookbook


Learn how to easily cook Delicious Keto Diet Meals in a matter of minutes!

Become more healthy and slim with the most delicious and easy to prepare keto meals

Stop wasting your time on trying to prepare difficult meals or stay on track with unefficient diets.
The Keto Diet is one of the easiest ways to adapt your lifestyle and stay slim and healthy for life while eating delicious foods.
Whether you want to lose wait or just feel and become more healthy than the Keto Diet is perfect for you.

A Diet which has delicious meals that are easy to prepare is not a diet, it's a blessing, and that is what the Keto Diet is!

But, when you want to change your eating habits it's not that easy. You need to learn how to cook your meals, to adapt your eating hours and many other small things that can be obstacles in your way.
Most of the times, you have to struggle with finding the recipes for the meals that you can eat and really enjoy and that means a lot of wasted time and energy.
The truth is that you don't need to do this the hard way.The Keto Diet can be healthy while being easy and fun and that it's what this is all about

The Keto Diet Cookbook is a collection of 60+ delicious recipes that are easy and fun to make in the comfort of your own home.

It gives you the exact recipes that you can use to prepare meals for any moment of the day, breakfest, lunch, dinner and even dessert
You don’t need 5 different cookbooks with a ton of recipes to live a healthy and fun lifestyle. You just need a good and efficient one and that is what the Keto Diet Cookbook is.

This Cookbook contains:

o 60 Quick And Easy To Prepare Keto Recipes
o The Exact Amounts You Need To Use For The Best Results
o Diversified Recipes For Each Of The Meals Of The Day
o Great Recipes for Delicious And Healthy Desserts

ketogenic diet food list weight loss

weight loss pills - Diet plans

Ketogenic Accelerator


"A trusted, science based formula designed to increase your ability to burn fat no matter your current fitness level or metabolism!"

  • ​Works for Both Males and Females

  • ​Give you the benefits of a ketogenic diet without the strict carb restriction

  • ​Immediate and sustained energy fuel for exercise

  • ​Carbohydrate-free fuel for muscle and brain

  • ​Reduce Hunger Cravings

  • ​Burn Visceral fat faster and easier

  • ​Supports 'Good' HDL Cholesterol levels within normal ranges

  • ​Stimulate “metabolic shift” away from glucose dependence

  • ​Supports healthy blood sugar levels within normal ranges

  • ....



  • Supercharges Cognitive Function
    Your brain can absorb ketones very quickly and ketones protect neurons, synapses, lower neuro-inflammation and support healthy brain function.

  • ​Optimizes Heart Function
    BHB is a better fuel for the heart. It protects against oxidative damage, enhances mechanical efficiency and improves blood flow.

  • ​Boosts Fatloss & Workout Performance
    Exercise accelerates the absorption of BHB and BHB boosts fat burning, recovery and energy.

  • ​Reduce The Appearance Of Ageing 
     BHB can also reduce the appearance of ageing.

  • ​Maintains Insulin Sensitivity
    BHB can maintain a healthy level of insulin sensitivity by keeping glucose and insulin levels within a normal range.

  • ​Reduces Inflammation
    BHB blocks the activity of the complex NLRP3 inflammasome, which is responsible for major inflammation in the body.

Make Healthy Recipes at Home 2020

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