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Cabinet Safes Safes Semiconductor Fingerprint Design Home Security Features Invisible Mini Cabinets


· Office Products Office & School Supplies Forms, Recordkeeping & Money Handling Money Handling Products Safes Cabinet Safes

· 【Personal Password】: The fingerprint password is unlocked and can be programmed quickly and easily. You can determine the password of the safe yourself, you can change it at any time. If you forget the password or the battery is dead, you can use the key to open it urgently.

· 【Flexible function】: Adopting semiconductor fingerprint design, 0.2S fast recognition, LED intelligent sliding digital panel, environmentally friendly materials, durable, convenient and practical, bringing you a comfortable home life.

· 【Very suitable for storage and fixing】: Our safe has a solid metal door, which is safe and secure, and can store valuable electronic products, jewelry, cash, important documents and so on.

· 【Applicable scene】: It is very suitable for storing and fixing valuables in bedrooms, study rooms, offices, bars, hotels, cafes, etc.


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