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Stay Home Workout Plan : Bodyweight Training


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Ridiculously Effective Home Workout Solution Personal Trainers DON'T Want You To Know!

(This Works Even If You Have NO EQUIPMENT And Can't Do A Push Up!)

Did you know Infectious Disease Experts are saying businesses (like YOUR GYM) won't be open until JUNE?

Here’s the problem you face: you have to find a way to workout without a gym so that you don’t lose all your progress in quarantine.

But you can’t afford an expensive home gym.

And like most people you probably know about 10 bodyweight exercises. That’s enough to make you bored.

Not to mention, you’re not disciplined enough to spend hours researching & creating a workout from scratch. I don’t blame you. You have better things to do with your time, like watching Netflix & eating chips.

But without any structure in your day or knowledge about where to start, you’re bound to be a full-fledged


Meanwhile, your dreams of washboard abs and ever looking good naked are disappearing before your eyes.

You’ll never be who you could’ve been.

But nobody prepared us for this reality. The Coronavirus closing your gym and changing your life isn’t your fault.


Luckily for you, there’s a solution.

Let me introduce you to the Stay Home Workout Plan, a 10-week program that will get you in shape without equipment whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete.

It’s Called

Bodyweight Training: Reimagined

No Gym. No Equipment. No Problem.

You’re Guaranteed to Learn

· How to crush a no-equipment workout in 30 minutes so you can liberate your schedule and finally have time to do what you love

· Dynamic, athletic movements that burn more calories and are more fun than any cardio machine at your gym

· Over 120 bodyweight exercises in our Exercise Database so you won't have to search far & wide for new, exciting movements

· 100% Done-For-You workouts so you don't have to go treasure-hunting every time you want to workout

· Why Bodyweight Exercises are more than effective enough to build muscle, lose weight, and get into the best shape of your life

· How to challenge yourself so you can can accelerate your personal growth and feel more accomplished (this is a growth & self-confidence that translates to every aspect of your life)

· Step-By-Step explanations of how to perform every exercise, workout, and phase of the program so there's never any confusion

· How working out at home without any equipment can help you gain independence from the gym & personal trainers so you can have the freedom to workout when you want, on your own schedule

· How to create your own Bodyweight Workouts so what you learn in this program will stay with you for the long run (you'll always have the knowledge & strength within)

· Why learning how to properly move your own body can skyrocket self confidence, meaning you can handle more because you'll stronger mentally & physically

· How to bring joy, fun & excitement back to working out so you'll want to train rather than just have to train


· Workout PDFs

Each week of the program consists of three 30-minute workouts, and each day has a Beginner & Advanced option. These PDFs are done-for-you guides to home workouts.

· Private Facebook Group

Not only will you get exclusive access to the Flow Training Member's Hub, but you'll get invited to a Private Facebook Group so you can share your bodyweight journey with others.

· Coaching Tutorials

We coach you through each step of this program so there's no confusion. From exercise demonstrations to program design, everything is completely & clearly explained.

· Reliable Email Support

If you need help at any point during this program, we are only one email away. Whatever questions or concerns you have, we'll be there for you, waiting to help & assist.

· Exercise Database

This is the crown jewel of Reimagined. We demonstrate how to do each and every movement prescribed throughout this program - OVER 120 BODYWEIGHT EXERCISES.

· BONUS! Fasting Tips

If Intermittent Fasting is strategically coupled with exercise, it can help MELT fat off your body. We share the basic concepts of IF with you in this BONUS Fasting Module.

Who Are We?

We are training partners & lifelong best friends.

Paul (left) started exercising with calisthenics. In the past few years, he began rolling in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a competitive sport built upon integrative strength through bodyweight control.

Aaron (right) started strength training when he was 14. After getting hurt from muscular imbalances, he corrected his posture with bodyweight movements. While competing as a Division 1 sprinter, he used bodyweight to maintain strength during a stressful season.

What do you get when you put this all together? Smart Workouts that will make you sweat and have fun while making you look better than you ever have before.


The Workout PDFs look like this. We walk you through each step so there’s no confusion.

This is the general workout structure for Weeks 1-7. Weeks 8-10 are more unconventional, incorporating Bodyweight Flows.

Workout & Look Like an Athlete with:

· Strength Training

· High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

· Time Under Tension (Tempos)

· Mobility / Range of Motion

· Core Stabilization & Toning

· Bodyweight Flows

· Balanced Movements

· Energizing Exercises

· Whole Body, Unconventional Training


Online Membership Login

10 Weeks of At Home Workouts

30 Beginner + 30 Advanced Workouts

Exercise Database - Over 120 Exercises

Step-by-Step Coaching Tutorials

Reliable Email Support

Private Facebook Group

Increased Self Confidence

BONUS Guideline to Intermittent Fasting


To see the Program Click Here: https://cutt.ly/GyMjubA

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